Our Combination tanks combine the properties of a Buffer tank and a DHW tank, whereas the water in the main tank is a closed water loop and we can use it for room and water heating.

The water in the immersed tank is the one which will be used for bathing, washing, drinking, etc. The tanks are manufactured in accordance with European standards and are available in capacities from 500L to 2000L. They have up to two spiral heat exchangers which heat up the water in the main tank.

Depending on the configuration, we can add to the heat exchangers, solar collectors, burner (oil, pellet, wood, gas, etc.), a heat pump, buffer tanks, and in general devices with closed water loop heating.

Our tank also has connectors for temperature sensors, thermometers and electrical resistance. The immersed tank has a large capacity and can also accept an electrical resistance while it also has anticorrosion protection using liquid enamel which has been heated to 850�C.

Areas of application of SUNDWARE Combination Water Tanks:In solar systems, water heating and hot water storage, in heat pump systems for storing and heating water, and in biomass systems for storing and heating water.

Technical data of SUNDWARE Combination Water Tanks

  • Combination of the capabilities of DWH and Accumulator Tanks.
  • Simultaneous use of three energy sources. (From boiler, Solar Collector, Heat Pump, Geothermal energy, etc.).
  • Up to two large surface spiral heat exchangers.
  • Internal immersed domestic water tank or stainless spiral heat exchanger.
  • Anticorrosion protection for the internal tank using liquid enamel which has been heated at 850�C in accordance with DIN4753 and magnesium anode in accordance with DIN12438.
  • An electrical resistance can also be installed in the internal tank.
  • Manufactured from sheets complying with EN 10130, Al 1998 DCP.
  • Insulation of soft polyurethane with a thickness of 100mm.
  • External coating of PVC leather or metal surface in a color of your choice.

Features of SUNDWARE Combination Water Tanks

  • Antibacterial design for heating drinking water.
  • Financial performance improvement for each heating system (solar, biomass, heat pump)
  • Consistent and immediate hot water supply
  • Functional design
  • Small footprint
  • 5-year warranty
  • Additional heating for all traditional heating systems
  • Long life