Our integrated product range has been designed to cover every need, from everyday domestic use to heavy industrial use. Our production capability for 2011 was at 140,000 tanks or 42,000,000 liters. In addition to the top technical and operational specifications offered by our products, you also benefit from their ability to meet different requirements.

We always focus on our clients' needs and establish a true partnership with the goal of achieving mutual success.

Due to continuous improvement of quality and state-of-the-art technology, SUNDWARE manufacturers-Europe Tanks and Calorifiers have succeeded to be always a step ahead of its competitors. With an experienced product development division and advanced knowhow, SUNDWARE Tanks and Calorifiers has been awarded quality and efficiency certificates, making SUNDWARE Tanks and Calorifiers, one of the leading industries of solar energy applications in Europe

SUNDWARE offers the perfect Europe DHW Tanks and calorifiers for all application

The complete range of modern DHW tanks and calorifiers from SUNDWARE offers you customized solutions for all your DHW preparation needs. Whether you require local or centralized DHW preparation, we have a wide selection of convenient, modern and economical tanks and calorifiers products for you to choose from.

More comfort and less energy consumption

SUNDWARE Europe Domestic Hot Water Tanks and Calorifiers offer features that provide for ease of installation, simple maintenance and reliable operation. All our models are equipped with a Magnesium Anode Rod for protection against corrosion, a Pressure and Temperature (P&T) Valve and Drain for quick installation, and use Adjustable Screw-on feet for leveling. An easy-access cover aids in cleaning and maintaining the coil and tank interior.

SUNDWARE water tanks are a reliable and clean way to store hot water. From small residences to large commercial operations, there is a domestic hot water tank that is just right for your application.